About keros

The name of the family business, “Keros”, is inspired from the island of Keros, which is located in the center of Cyclades. It was the most ancient sanctuary of the Aegean Sea, in which the Gods were worshiped from the Early Cycladic era. By this symbolic brand name, we want to meet our primary goal, which is to combine and process raw material derived exclusively from the Cycladic land.

about lab

We had the idea to have a workshop because we wanted to offer the products that we and our children consume. The feedback we had both from the university and the working experience as a Dietitian – Nutritionist, in combination with the passion for the cultivation and the creation of innovative products, pushed us to create a series of preparations. 

health first

Thus, we give the opportunity to those who trust us to consume healthy processed products from branded and selected raw materials.

Pure Materials

Raw materials we use comes from Cyclades. When the Cycladic products and raw materials are not enough, we use raw material only from Greek organic estates .


The workshop operates according to a flow chart drawn by our partner and site safety technician, Mechanical Engineer, Vassilis T. Protonotarios.


Fani Roussou


I was born and grown up in Athens. But, I spent my summers in my favorite Paros island and my also beloved Schinoussa. My dream was to live on an island with my family. This has come true. 
I hold a Dietitian Nutritionist degree from the Technical University of Crete and I now leave permanently in Marpissa, Paros. I have worked as a professional Dietitian Nutritionist, with emphasis on Eating Disorders and Obesity.
KEROS, arose from my will and persistence to combine my knowledge and experience,in recommending nutritionally packaged products to people who trust me.

Manos Staurianos


I was born and grown up in Athens, but I am closely connected with my place of origin, Apeirantos of Naxos, which I visit regularly since I was a child. My great desire was to live in the countryside, to cultivate and to make my own label of products. I now live in Paros with my family. 
Having not worked professionally in the field of my studies, I have worked for many years in the catering sector and I am able to know the gaps in products demand. My experience in sales, my curiosity about the land and my passion in its cultivation, pushed me to startour family business together with my wife, so as to promote products that we and our children eat.